2. Be consistent, the reward will reap

2. Be consistent, the reward will reap

People start training in Martial Arts for one of either two primary reason; either they want to do it or they are forced to do it. 

  • Those who want to do it, see the benefits it gives them from a healthy lifestyle perspective. It gives them a fantastic work-life balance; a way to let off steam. They see the self defence perspective and know they need to be able to defend themselves should they need it, thus building their confidence.

It can be they want to develop their discipline; a routine developed, a mind frame that is self-controlling.

  • Then you have the ones who enrol into martial arts because circumstances has led them to it; it could be a parent forcing their kids to do it - I call that positive pressure - or dare I say, responsible parenting.

It could be that they have been in a confrontational situation and realised they didn't have the confidence to collide against their aggressor.

Maybe they had an health MOT and they have been told they need to fix up their health, otherwise they will end up with one foot that is seven feet deep....

Whatever the reasons to start, you need one key that unlocks all the potential in you. The quality that is heads over shoulders that stands out from the rest - it's called Consistency.

You see, consistency has it's way of rewarding. If you are consistent when you WANT to be, as opposed to HAVING to be, you will not gain much.

But when you are consistent even when you don't want to be, you will end up gaining more then you would have.

For those training in Martial arts for a while can relate; how beneficial were those sessions , had you not attended because you was tired, a bit 'busy' you would have missed out on? Some of the best, memorable sessions I have had in my life were the ones that I felt like not going to. Those sessions were in some ways instrumental in my learning and self development.

That is why CONSISTENCY is King. If you turn up, when others don't , you are a cut above the rest. You will leave a permanent mark in your memory that you didn't quit when the quitting was an option. That you have the mental fortitude, the get-things-done attitude. That killer instinct to push back when the going gets tough.

It's not easy, because if was, everyone else would be doing it too.

If you are after that killer instinct, that mental fortitude, get yourselves in the sessions consistently - you will thank yourself.

You just need to remind yourself WHY you started, if your WHY is strong, you will be consistent.

Sensei Arif Kassam

Head Coach 

last edited 28.04.2023

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