1. Extreme diets

1. Extreme diets

"Extreme diets are not a sustainable solution for losing weight in the long term, as much of the weight that is lost is likely to be water or lean muscle," Dr Simon Steenson, of the British Nutrition Foundation, says.

"These types of crash diets may also lead to some health risks as well, such as a higher risk of developing gall stones."


There's no such thing as a quick fix. Whatever your goals, these have to be achieved over a reasonable time and with right mindset, dedication and motivation. 

Don't put your life at risk with quick fixes. These are all fads that come and go.

What you need is physical activity, a right mindset and better lifestyle and cooking. You can be coached and mentored to live longer, happier and healthier without the fads.

There's no shortcuts to anything in life. If there was, we wouldn't have obesity, poor health conditions that are avoidable. We wouldn't have failed marriages, jobs, business etc. Everything needs effort, time, patience and God's will.

With us, you will lose weight, build strength, endurance, flexibility and fitness. You can also ask questions too at the sessions regarding your goals too.

If there was a shortcut, everyone would be black belts, trust me!

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Sensei Arif Kassam

Head Coach

last edited 28.04.2023 

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