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Excellent classes. Kids love it 👌

Jul 12, 2020
Honeycomb Wholefoods London

My son has been undergoing martial arts training given by Sensei Arif for many years. He is a great teacher who is completely dedicated to his Art. My son... Read more

Jul 8, 2020
Kausar Shaikh

Excellent in every way - patient Sensei teaches kids excellent life skills ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Highly recommended and great especially during lockdown

Jul 8, 2020
Nasima Rahman

Extremely professional, well organised, Sensei is knowledgeable and down to earth. Real, life applications and fun for the family.

Jul 8, 2020
Isthiaque Choudhury

The user didn't attach his comment to the review.

Jul 8, 2020
nawbar abdureyim

Had a few lessons and at first I was very stiff but by the end of the class I was more flexible and more active: I was throwing kicks every where - 10/10... Read more

Jun 21, 2020
Adam Ahmed

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