The Sessions

We offer a range of classes for children and adults of all ages:

  • seperate male and female classes.
  • children only Classes
  • We welcome students of all abilities – if it’s your first time at class, simply let the instructor know and they will ensure that you are given a full safety run-down. 
  • We always start with a good warm up and then work through the session with a a combination of various areas of martial arts training; be it fitness, padwork, technique drilling and sparring.
  • Our sessions are geared towards developing all areas of martial arts, be it grappling, strikes and a mix of both. So some days you will be doing strikes, other days grappling and on other days what is termed mixed martial arts training. 
  • We ensure safety first therefore all students will need to abide by our club etiquette and safety equipment worn during sparring.

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