Be Street Safe Program

Be Street Safe:

This is our bespoke crime safety presentation delivered to organisations for their staff/ parents, students etc.

We discuss crime; its causes, theory and its impact.

The presentation has briefing slides, police statistic and other resources where we discuss crime, its definition, how to prevent crime, how to be safe from becoming a victim to a variety of crime such as robbery, burglary and more. We also discuss how to support victims of crime, should you come across this, and how we can utilise every valuable moment to potentially save a life.

We delivered a bespoke school presentation at Central Park Primary School, East Ham to over 80 parents. Our presentation included tackling acid attacks and knife crime.

Our presentations also include a demonstration of self-defence techniques to educate our audience and has been well received.

We also delivered a school presentation discussing bullying to over 100 primary school children.

Be Street Safe programme has received positive feedback reviews from participants.

If you wish to have a presentation at your workplace for your colleagues, staff etc, contact us for more details on how we can help you.

Be Street Safe Program

Be Street Safe Program

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